Saturday, July 21, 2012


i am not a mother. i am not planning to become a mother anytime soon, if ever. if i am destined to feel it, i have yet to encounter the inexplicable desire for motherhood so often explained, albeit insufficiently, by my mommy friends, my own mother, grandmother, aunts...
although p and i have made the decision to wait forever now to start a family, it seems as if my world has somehow filled up with new life nonetheless. with my first niece/nephew on the way, and many of our close friends beginning their families, i am enjoying all of the lovely pregnant women in my life, their bun-in-oven beauty, and the delight that these new, tiny people are already bringing to the world. 
last week, i had the pleasure of capturing one of the most unique and heartwarming relationships i think i've ever experienced. although katie's sweet babe still has a few weeks before she greets the world, the connection that katie has made with her little girl is already so apparent. what a joy it was to see the gentleness and peace with which she interacted with her daughter.


  1. absolutely wonderful. this is something I think we all phase into thinking about, if only just thinking. It's such a joy to see the glow from mothers-to-be.
    You are so eloquent pretty is such a pleasure to read your words. xo

  2. great photos, tell a story all by themeselves. :-)

    Follow each other?