Thursday, July 21, 2011


after resting comfortably in a pool of stagnant fashion water for some time, i've recently (probably due to the sun and glowing skin and happiness and DEFINITELY due to pinterest) felt an itch to shop. on top of this new found urge, i've been really trying to redefine my closet space. rather than shopping cheap, practical, quick, easy, i've refocused to cheap, practical, and FREAKING CUTE. taking just a little more time to think through an outfit, or a versatile section of wardrobe has already paid off. anna and i wandered a few thrift stores yesterady afternoon, and already, i've come up with some real gems!

my favorite find: new slim straight 514's

$4! and they cuff like gold

and now, of course, i've got a running wish list:
Ralph Lauren leather belt
Topshop t-bar sandal

Tilly's floral fedora
Delia's utility shirt

Topshop lime textured snood

Selvedge denim short
JCrew denim shorts