Friday, July 1, 2011

knock it off!

Alas, my new most popular saying. the dog days are far from over in our tiny little house, and the bigger, older, and growly-er Wilson gets, the smaller the house seems. Ironically, it has pretty much just been the two of us lately, with Patrick gone in the field practically all of the time. Don't get me wrong, the pup is a cute and fluffy as ever, but MAN, is he a pain sometimes most of the time.
almost too big for his favorite spot

We're finally headed up north for a little mountain vacation after a long month down in the desert. Fourth of July BBQ'ing, and what will probably be P's last real visit up there before deployment, besides our hectic move-everyting-we-own-AGAIN-weekend in august. Wilson will finally get a chance to meet everyone, and hopefully wear off some of that crazy puppy energy!
home, sweet home

We're starting to move forward with our wedding plans and taking some strangely timed "engagement" photos this weekend with our dear friend Amber PappĂ©. We've also scheduled our food tasting with the caterer, Lila & Sage, which we're obviously looking forward to:) 

Things are moving along quite normally here, just ticking off days and trying to organize our lives for the next (constantly changing) chapter. 
Love and thanks to all of you who keep us moving forward!

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