Saturday, October 29, 2011

cinnamon, pumpkins, and red red leaves

hello, dear friends. as always, it's been awhile, but i'm here nonetheless.
almost two months after patrick left, i'm finally feeling settled into this new (however temporary) routine. i'm cuddling up in my little apartment with my snugglepup, burning fall scented candles, baking baking baking, and trying as hard as i possibly can to influence the falltime gods to come on and hurry up! the cooler mornings and evenings have made a huge difference in my oh so easily persuaded emotional weather radar. but somehow the afternoons are still making me sweat! not so great for giant wool blankets and hot tea. but oh well, i must be patient, because as soon as it starts to snow, i'm going to wish it were june again. (oh! june! i can't wait!)
meteorological ADD.
well, seeing as it's always hard for me to sum up weeks of my life when i take so very long to write (sorry anna-the-blog-watcher, but better late than never, right?), i'll just show you what i've been doing...

watching it snow/hail/rain for what i thought would be the earliest winter yet (thank goodness it proved me wrong)

buying new glasses! nerd alert!

burning bunny hutches (sans bunnies) with my seester

making REALLY good indian food

i mean REALLY good

talking as often as possible (which is fairly often) with my outrageously good looking husband

stamping and crafting with my new antique alphabet stamp set!

again...baking. lemon drop tea cookies

watching my puppy get cuter and bigger and cuter and bigger


knitting! i have finally picked my needles back up and started some really stinking cute projects :)
ta-da! some of things which cannot be photographed include, but are not limited to:
1. incessantly searching for a job that seems not to exist
2. applying to graduate school in hopes of a job and some money falling into place between now and january
3. driving. A LOT. between keeping myself busy (lots of CVS trips?) and job hunting, good ol' rita the subie has had her fair share of travel in her first few months with me
4. running. A LOTTER. having signed up for a 10K run in san francisco in november, i've been running all over the place (and in lots of circles) to get ready for it. i'm hoping to be ready for a half marathon by february, so this is a great place to start! and it's for mermaids!

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