Monday, October 31, 2011

pizza muffins!

well, i've done it again - pinterest has really egged me on to bake some new, fun, and totally unhealthy things. tonight, it was homemade pizza rolls. which really just turned into pizza muffins. (am i complaining?). they were delicious, however they were also the second recipe i've tried in the last two days that has left me wishing for more. (in this case, i don't really mean more pizza muffins, just something more complex). they were pretty irresistible, nonetheless, and now i've got something to snack on while wilson and i snuggle up to watch sister wives (strange addiction). if these looks tasty enough to try, here's the recipe
pizza roll/ball/muffins!
i know how he's feelin'


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  1. That dog is divine!!!
    (lovely blog :))