Saturday, June 25, 2011

holy moly!

talk about an after-the-fact post!
what a whirlwind the last few weeks (almost month!) have been. we are moved in and settled in our new desert hideaway and i'm beginning to get used to the heat...kind of.
puppy Wilson made it home and got comfortable really quickly:) he's getting so big already! he's just over 3 months old, and is chewing on EVERYTHING! he's so much fun though, and keeps me company when P is out in the field all week (which is practically all the time).
we have had some friends of ours staying with us since last week, Gina and her little baby Taylor have been here since last tuesday, waiting for Papa Joel (P's best friend and old roommate) to come home from his tour in Jordan. they flew all the way from Minnesota to surprise him when he got off the bus early early in the morning. he was totally blindsided, and it was lovely to see their little family back together again. They'll be headed back to Minny on Friday.
Patrick has been in the field since monday, and spent most of this week there last week too. They're getting really busy with training in preparation for deployment, so i don't see much of him, but it's amazing to be so close (finally!)
i'm finding it hard to catch up on endless days of excitement, so i'll let the photos and videos speak for themselves:)
mid-year-resolution: blog more!
Our neighborhood at the base of the mountains

My first attempt at a berry pie--no one said it had to be pretty!

Snuggled up with Dad, looking more like a teddy bear than a puppy


Sushi with my beautiful friends!

It really doesn't get any cuter...

A blast from the past--Gina found this on her phone. Joel & P's love-bird picture from almost 2 years ago!


Cleaning out the stickers...


A true fan

He found the gnome...

Pool time!

Helping the hubby with his promotion packet at work...

On our way home from Palm Springs--too hot!

Wilson's new favorite sleeping position

On our evening walk

Desert sunset

Trotting along

More naptime

Reunited at last!

Taylor and Joel

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