Monday, June 27, 2011


oooh, i'm in love! i am a big fan of my most recently discovered blog, smitten kitchen. Deb's fun and new perspective on cooking is bringing me endless joy! i just popped some of her snickerdoodles into the oven, and discovered really quickly that i'm no pastry chef. after getting all worked up and flustered over the cinnamon burn-off, i forgot that i had turned off the oven, thinking i had killed the cookies. it was 10 long minutes of wondering why the cookies weren't baking before i realized what i'd done. sigh...i'm sure they will still be delicious, but i am a little bummed that no matter how inspired i get by these incredible recipes and artful food-geniuses, it's just not my forte. ah, well, more practice maybe?

the goal...

the final product...
not too shabby, huh? :)

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