Saturday, May 21, 2011


As May comes to a close along with the four year long, grueling, painful, difficult, challenging, but WONDERFUL phase of my life that was the journey towards a Bachelors Degree, I am finding all sorts of beautiful things (and people) to be grateful for. Each accomplishment, friendship, or relationship has required plenty of work and however stressful they may be at times (and however often I am convinced the strain might actually kill me), they are all (and will continue to be) worth it.

1. A B.A. in English. I cannot describe in a few sentences, and perhaps not even in a novel, what this stands for. However, in about a week, I'll at least have a furry little dude like this one who will remind me every day how hard I worked.
If he's still around a week from Monday, he's ours! :)
 2. A marriage, and an official certificate to prove it:) A symbol of some of the hardest work Patrick and I have ever put into something as well as a symbol for all of the growth and adventure we will experience together from here on out.

3. A home. Although moving has caused some of the most intense stress I've dealt with in awhile (this coming from a college student...yikes!), the boxes, the sticky packing tape, and the not being able to find a darn thing ANYWHERE (despite my incessant labeling), the payoff is going to be beyond worth it. Living with my husband, spending real, uninterrupted time together is by far one of the greatest gifts.

4. A Bronze Star with V for Valor, awarded to my courageous, hardworking, compassionate husband during a long deployment in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

5. Friends who are family. THIS little darling, Miss Taylor Rose Fadden, her beautiful Mama Gina, and her wonderful Daddy Joel. Gina and I married best friends and have found a way to build a very similar friendship from opposite sides of the country. So very lucky to have them in my life and so excited for all sorts of things to come ;)
The prettiest girl in Minnesota. And probably the world.
The prettiest parents, too!
6. People with big hearts who deserve big things. (i.e. Katy & the little Popcorn in her tummy)
7. Parents. Always.
8. Preschool pals & orange hand-me-downs that make Giants Baseball even more fun

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