Monday, May 9, 2011

ketchup & Shakespeare

Oof! It's been a long couple of days, and today seemed to last twice as long as the last five.

I am trucking along through the last three weeks of school, trying so hard to find motivation (but instead find time to be here), but have enjoyed a few extra treats along the way. Thursday, my sweet friend Anna and I watched Romeo and Juliet, performed by CSU Stanislaus' theater department. With takeout sushi, and a bottle of Frog's Tooth Merlot, we enjoyed the 70* evening in the outdoor amphitheater. We both agreed that it was "the coolest thing we'd ever done in Turlock," which either says a lot about how little there is to do here, or how home-bodied the two of us really are.
A Night of Theater!
Friday (and Thursday, although I was not there) was made of a wonderful Shakespearean collaboration at the Shakespeare Symposium, organized and hosted by the brilliant Dr. Tony Perrello. Professors and Graduate Students from a whole host of CSUs and UCs came together to read and discuss their (stunning, impressive) essays on the great Elizabethan icon. Dr. Perrello's session on the Shakespearean Slasher Genre (Hannibal Titus) was excellent, and accompanied a sea of other intriguing pieces. The conference was followed up by the bi-annual English Department BBQ, a relaxing and wonderful end to a whole week of literary excellence.

P made it home this weekend after a rough week at the office (ha). He has been so busy with his newest assignment, and I am so proud of all the ways he has been challenging himself and learning things on the fly. In his three years as a Marine, he's discovered that the "helping hand" isn't exactly a safe bet, so he's been taking what he's given and pushing through the tough spots. It's all been pretty impressive from my perspective, and he leaves me in awe.
Cpl Rowe's New Office

We traveled up up up the hill to see our mama's for Mother's Day, and squeezed in a good dinner for my brother-in-law's 29th birthday as well. It's always so refreshing for the two of us to get to visit with our families, and despite distance and very serious time constraints, it was a much needed dose of love therapy.

And then it was back to the real world. The hubby is out in the field all week, with little to no phone access, so I'll have to wait to really talk to him until Friday, when I'll head back down to the desert to see him. (Keep your fingers cross that we land a solid housing option by next week! :/)

I'm hoping everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend, and found time to thank the women that make/made it all possible.

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